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Current Schedule

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  • Deep Water Aerobics: Cardio, range of motion, core and muscle toning all covered. All levels welcome.

  • Water Mobility: For anyone with joint problems including pre/post surgery and arthritis issues. Increase range of motion, improve daily living activities, and decrease pain and stiffness. 
    This is a 45 minute class.


  • Xtreme Deep: This Water class has Constant Cardio with intense intervals; not recommended for beginners.

  • Deep & Shallow: This Water class works both cardio and muscle strengthening.

  • Circuit Stretch Class: Workout on hydraulic machines, with strength, core, and balance exercises.

  • Better Balance: If you aren’t working on balance, you are losing it!
    This class focuses on Fall Prevention!


  • Cardio Muscle: Class format instructor choice! Different every time!

  • Yoga: Movement based yoga for longer, leaner muscles.
    Gentle Chair Yoga on M/F!


  • Qigong: Focus on form, breathing and balance. Chair provided if needed.
    Tai Chi on Wednesdays!


  • Cardio Barre: Blend of all things toning & shaping!  Get cardio in & strengthen your muscles to be lean & long!

  • Pilates: Series of strength & balance mat exercises to improve posture, strength & agility. Beginners welcome!   Not offered this Spring.

  • Silver Sneakers Classic: Increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily life while having fun!

  • Silver Sneakers Circuit: Increase cardiovascular endurance and strength with a standing circuit -chair provided. 

  • Zumba Gold: Latin inspired dance party! Come join the fun! All levels welcome!

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