To keep our instructors as safe as possible, classes are being taught safely from their homes.  This reduces the amount of Tech support we can offer, so please be patient as we work out the kinks!

To join the meeting, write down the ZOOM ID and Password below, then click this link >>

Online classes are for members of Capitola Fitness.  Please support our local  club and instructors.  To learn more about membership or to tour the facility after the Shelter-in-place restrictions, please call us at (831)475-1500.

  • Deep Water Aerobics: Cardio, range of motion, core and muscle toning all covered. All levels welcome.

  • Water Mobility: For anyone with joint problems including pre/post surgery and arthritis issues. Increase range of motion, improve daily living activities, and decrease pain and stiffness. 
    This is a 45 minute class.


  • Xtreme Deep: This Water class has Constant Cardio with intense intervals; not recommended for beginners.

  • Deep & Shallow: This Water class works both cardio and muscle strengthening.

  • Circuit Stretch Class: Workout on hydraulic machines, with strength, core, and balance exercises.

  • Better Balance: If you aren’t working on balance, you are losing it!
    This class focuses on Fall Prevention!


  • Cardio Muscle: Class format instructor choice! Different every time!

  • Yoga: Movement based yoga for longer, leaner muscles.
    Gentle Chair Yoga on M/F!


  • Qigong: Focus on form, breathing and balance. Chair provided if needed.
    Tai Chi on Wednesdays!


  • Cardio Barre: Blend of all things toning & shaping!  Get cardio in & strengthen your muscles to be lean & long!

  • Pilates: Series of strength & balance mat exercises to improve posture, strength & agility. Beginners welcome!   Not offered this Spring.

  • Silver Sneakers Classic: Increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily life while having fun!

  • Silver Sneakers Circuit: Increase cardiovascular endurance and strength with a standing circuit -chair provided. 

  • Zumba Gold: Latin inspired dance party! Come join the fun! All levels welcome!

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